August 12, 2010
Lizzie Syddall

Temp of the Month Aug 2010(small)Each month clients of GPW nominate employees to be put forward for GPW’s Temp of the Month Award. A name is then selected at random and the winner is presented with a prize and certificate by GPW Recruitment and Saints’ full back Paul Wellens.

This months deserving winner is Joanna Benyon, a Clerical Assistant placed by GPW with St Helens MBC.

Paul Wellens accompanied GPW’s Jess Hunt to the site in St Helens to present Joanna with her certificate and prizes, which were flowers and high street vouchers.

Sonia Neighbour, Bereavement Services Manager for St Helens MBC, had the following to say:

‘Joanna fully deserves this award. She is a committed member of the team and always demonstrates compassion and care to all customers.’

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