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GPW recognises that its activities impact upon the environment both through its routine internal operations, its business development and through its influence and effects on the wider community. It acknowledges a responsibility for, and a commitment to, protection of the environment at all levels.
GPW will comply fully with environmental legislation and is in addition committed to:
  • Promote environmental management policies and practices at every level and in every division at GPW;
  • Increase awareness of environmental responsibilities among staff through education and training in relevant environmental issues and any environmental effects of their activities (Investors in People);
  • Minimise waste pollution and develop and operate environmentally sound waste management and re-cycling procedures;
  • Attempt to reduce the consumption of fossil fuels to incorporate long-term strategies for energy efficiency into planning and development;
  • Reduce water consumption;
  • Promote a purchasing policy which will give preference, as far as practical, to those products and services which cause the least harm to the environment;
  • Comply with environmental legislation and officially approved codes of practice, helping to prevent such breaches of legislation as a minimum level of performance;
  • Utilise wherever possible, materials emanating from sustainable resources whilst conducting its corporate development, commercial and social activities;
  • The monitoring of progress and review of environmental performance on a regular basis;
  • Maintain the grounds and buildings of GPW in an environmentally sensitive way;
  • Continuous improvement (also forms a key part of our ISO 9001 :200 registration).