GPW Proudly Sponsor St Helens 10K for Sixth Year Running!

January 10, 2017
Lizzie Syddall

The GPW Recruitment St Helens 10K Run is just around the corner, and GPW are delighted to be sponsoring for the 6th consecutive year!

The race, which takes place on Sunday 5th March, promises to be as challenging and rewarding as ever. Not only a brilliant opportunity to test your fitness, the race gathers the community and asks you to raise money for a cause very personal to St Helen’s: the Steve Prescott Foundation.

The Steve Prescott Foundation feels passionate about the fitness and health of everyone, and the St Helens 10K is a brilliant way to inspire this; combining exercise, community spirit and charity, making the St Helens 10K an amazing experience.

Beginning at 9.30, race goers are asked to meet at Langtree Park, home of the St Helens RFC. Here the 10K will start, and after an adventure taking us up, down and round St Helens with the half-way point being a GPW fuelled Water Station at outside our office, the race will eventually conclude inside of Langtree Stadium surrounded by a crowd of cheering spectators. There will be twists, turns and surprises along the way… and not forgetting some tough hills, including the mighty North Road! (you’ve been warned!)

Due to increasing popularity, the race has now increased capacity to 2000 people, all runners must be 16 or over.  For non-UKA Affiliated Runners, the race will cost £25 to enter. Upon finishing the run, each runner will receive a medal, a technical t-shirt and a goody bag!

As well as the St Helens 10k, a more feet friendly Fun Run will be held on Saturday March 4th  at Victoria Park. The capacity for this will be 200 people maximum. Those that complete the fun run will receive a medal and a chocolate bar at the end of the race. Entry fee to be a participant in the fun run will be £5.

GPW are so proud to be sponsoring such a worthy and rewarding event. Many of our GPW team will be taking part, and we hope to make this year the best St Helens 10K run yet!


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